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For the elderly especially, holding a heavy book for any length of time can take the enjoyment out of reading for pleasure. That’s why a specialist contraption such as the LEVO desk bookholder is such a handy accessory for bookworms of any age. Whether a teenager studying for exams or an older person enjoying retirement hobbies, the functional book holding apparatus which clamps to a desk or table will become an indispensable accessory for your home.

The desk bookholder is also a space-saver. In this regard it clears the book from the table’s surface thereby allowing more space for writing materials, laptops, stationary and other books. For people whose professions require a lot of reading and research, such as freelance editors, teachers, novelists and journalists, the LEVO bookholder will act like an extra pair of arms. What’s more the holder can be adjusted to suit different height and angle preferences.

Spring action page holders with soft rubber ends make sure your pages won’t accidently turn themselves from a gust of wind or a draft. The ergonomically designed bookholder also insures you sit with a correct posture which can reduce neck and back strain as well as muscle tension. It can also be fitted to a desk or table and will be particularly suitable for table surfaces which are smaller than desired. An elderly person can sit in a comfortable armchair with the bookholder fitted to a small manoeuvrable table. This will allow for extended reading periods without the problem of arm ache.

LEVO Desk Bookholder – $79.95
Retail Price: $89.95
You Save: $10.00
from: The Wright Stuff Home Health Care Products