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One wonders whether there is anything the Swiss-born Yves Béhar cannot design. From Bluetooth headsets and laptops through to giant chandeliers and dog accessories, he’s done them all. Luckily he’s also tried his talented hand at designing table lamps and this is where the stunning Leaf LED Light produced by Herman Miller comes into the picture.

yves-behar-led-leaf-light-for-home-office-deskBéhar’s angular table lamp combines sensual curves with raw sculptural physique. The cutting-edge technology in this lighting piece is yet a further example of the Swiss designer’s prowess. His gift for weaving form and function together has led him to win numerous awards including one from Time Magazine.

The Herman Miller Leaf Light provides adjustable warm-to-cool task lighting. Included are two different types of LED light chips, one Warm White, the other Cool White. The various hues created can be adjusted by merely moving a fingertip across a touch-sensitive pad. To turn the light on and off, all one has to do is tap the logo on the base.

The 180-degree swivel capability of the spine allows for easy manoeuvrability on any desk or table top. The upper blade which contains the LED lights can folded away when not in use.

yves-behar-led-leaf-light-for-home-office-desk-pictureOne of the most interesting factors in this fascinating design is the lamp’s energy efficiency. The Leaf’s LEDs have an amazing 60,000+ hour lifespan which easily makes them more efficient that their nearest rivals, the fluorescent lamp. A special heat distribution system means they stay cool, so there’s no danger of accidentally burning yourself when reaching for a file or cup of coffee.

This LED Leaf Lamp will be a great addition to a contemporary home office environment. Its smooth design and aesthetic qualities can only add to most, if not all, room designs already in place. The chances of this are increased by the variation of colors it comes in which include Black, White, Nickel, Red and Polished Aluminum.

If you want to purchase this item or have a look in more detail at the measurements and images, then take a peek here: Leaf LED Light by Herman Miller