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The idea of sitting on a glass jar is uncomfortable for most people and naturally so. In the majority of cases it will break leaving the sitter with a painful journey to the local hospital and bum scars to last a lifetime. Resting one’s body on glass in any shape or form is something we usually have to think twice about. Hollywood movies are full of people falling through glass tables and cabinets ending up bloodied or much worse.

baby-food-jar-chair-swingVermont based designer Johnny Swing has made the seemingly uncomfortable and dangerous into a relaxing and visually appealing chair. The Jar Chair is made from 96 baby food jars and held together with more than 400 pieces of metal hardware. The strong and perfectly safe structure at first delivers a shock of realisation that you are about to sit on empty glass jars. However, an acceptance gradually creeps in that erodes the initial concern.

Johnny Swing’s mastery of repurposing and love of circles is apparent in this item of furniture. An element of bad behaviour seeps into his work and as his own college professor said, if Swing had designed the pyramids of Egypt, they would be standing on their points.

baby-food-jar-chair-swing-detailYou can see more creations and read further about the designer on his website: Johnny Swing.