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The ‘Frog Table’ by Dutch designer Hella Jongerius is an eye catching furniture piece that conjures up either humour or mild disgust. The table itself is made from solid walnut wood whilst the frog is partly coated in blue transparent enamel. It’s currently being shown at the Galerie Kreo in Paris until the 30th May 2009.

Hella Jongerius has become a name in the design field for the way she merges and pushes  the boundaries of handicraft and industrial techniques. Through her explorations, a narrative  often evolves into her work; stories seem to hide underneath the skin of products.

frog-tableThe crossing of boundries is key to her work. The table is no longer a table but a frog but you can still eat dinner on this frog, or is it a table? Her exploitation of coincidences and even mistakes has led to the wildest of ideas and concepts.

table-frogSee: Hella Jongerius