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Are you so addicted to Facebook that the first thing you do upon waking in the morning is rush to see what’s new in your Facebook wall? Although most people won’t admit to it, more and more people are becoming addicted and indeed dependent on the famous social networking site created by Mark Zuckerberg. If you are one of these people then the Facebook logo-shaped bed and computer desk all-in-one furniture design concept will be something to “Like”.

If and when created, the FBed will provide a furniture treat for social networking addicts. The iconic “F” is known worldwide and is instantly recognisable when seen in the picture above. The main body of the toppled-over “F” is where the person sleeps whilst the upper portion is to be made into a computer desk and seat. When you wake up, you only have to walk a couple of steps and you’re ready to sign-in and begin updating your followers about the strange dreams you had, who you slept with and how comfortable it was sleeping in the FBed. Whether anyone will care, at least concerning the first two points, is another matter.

One symptom of too much computer use is insomnia. Unfortunately, this FBed might contribute further to sleepless nights, migraines and unsocial attitudes the next day. However, it is rather an interesting design and will be a fantastic decorative addition to a young person’s room, regardless of how long they spend on the internet each day. The famous logo and the unique design mean it will be a popular piece of furniture for many of the more modern generation. Put a photo of you sleeping on the FBed on Facebook and you’ll likely get a lot of approving votes of confidence in the form of “Likes”.

Bookmark the website of Croatian designer Tomislav Zvonari? for further updates as to when (if) it will be available for purchase. See here: DevianTom.

Via: The Design Home.