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An exciting new wash basin design was revealed last year called the KANERA 1 D. The enamelled steel material allows for precise shaping which results in the beautifully formed surface that can be seen in the images below.

It’s also a revolutionary concept because the complete wash basin can be considered a standalone installation. The majority of sinks are wall mounted or in some way positioned next to a wall. The KANERA 1 D means that Interior Designers now have an incredible amount of freedom when considering the layout of a bathroom or kitchen, even having the possibility of placing the wash basin in the centre of a room as the main focus.

As Christian Kaldewei, the designer of the washbasin himself says:

“To my mind, design means more than just packaging – and the bathroom’s significance is growing as part of the overall architecture of living spaces. This is why I wanted with the KANERA 1 D to create a spatial tool that architects and private individuals alike can use to realize their individual notions of design, functionality and wellbeing. And do so without diluting the original meaning and purpose of a ‘washing place’.”

To read more about the German manufactured washbasin, visit the Kanera website.