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Whilst watching a television discussion show on the recent British MP’s expenses scandal, a caption came up on the bottom of the screen. This ‘ticker-tape’ went through 40 unlikely items that politicians in the UK are supposed to have purchased using taxpayer’s money. Most were actually rather mundane, however one particular item leaped off the screen at me. What was it? An elephant lamp. That got me thinking and wondering what on earth an elephant lamp was. So I jumped onto the internet and had a rummage around.

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the weird and wonderful world of elephant lamps:

Plastic Elephant Lamp Sculpture

plastic-white-elephant-table-lampThis frosted polypropylene elephant table lamp is manufactured by Multi4M. It’s an intelligent design which is actually delivered to the customer flat-packed. Thankfully it’s not too hard to assemble (or at least that’s what they say). It can’t be that difficult if no tools, screws, glue or hardware is needed.

A wonderful gift idea for a child you know who loves jungle animals.

Glass Shade Elephant Lamp

glass-shade-elephant-lampThis is ghastly! A lamp of the most tasteless diabolicalness I’ve seen for a while (a few days at any rate). A glass shade sits atop a tree trunk, with an elephant resting on a resin base. As well as being a rather evil looking beast, it’s also grouped together with a bird and squirrel. I’m at a loss to explain why.

This is the perfect gift for a much loathed half-blind aunt who sends you socks every Christmas.

Stained Glass Elephant Lamp

stained-glass-elephant-lamp-sculptureThis original elephant lamp is something one could suddenly either love or loathe. The idea behind the construction is pretty good. Unfortunately I can’t find a picture of it illuminated in a dark room. The problem occurs with its daytime image, which is not that attractive. For a decorative item to be successful, it needs to look good 24 hours a day.

Do you know a priest or nun who has a fondness for elephants? They may admire a lamp like this.

Glass Art Elephant Lamp

glass-art-elephant-lampI rather like this Tiffany Glass Art Elephant Lamp. A deciding factor for me is that it doesn’t have a base. It stands alone on it’s own four feet and is thus becomes a more dynamic sculpture and decorative art item. The coloured high grade 1/8″ glass is another feature that is attractive. Again, I can only imagine what it looks like at night but I should imagine it would be pretty nice. The intricately designed copper foil welds add an air of quality to this elephant lamp.

This would make an ideal gift for the nice aunt who sends you a bottle of whisky and chocolate ginger every Christmas.

Tropical Elephant Table Desk Lamp

tropical-style-elephant-table-desk-lampThis interesting lamp has three elephants placed one on top of another like a totem pole. It’s been designed in an ivory finish and I must say, looks decent enough. A simple silk lamp shade finishes off the lower sculptural design very well. The lamp stands at 21.5 inches tall and would look good on a hallway table or living room bookshelf.

If you like it, you can buy it on Amazon from this location: Tropical Style Elephant Table Desk Lamp

Indian Elephant Lamp

elephant-lamp-stained-glassThis is the last elephant lamp I will present but it’s also probably my favourite of the bunch. It’s made by the Kaanch Stained Glass Studio based in Gurgaon, India. They make unique stained glass decorative items in both modern and traditional Indian styles. I think the lamp shown here is quite stunning.

Also check their Flickr Page.

So, after you have seen all the elephant lamps above, which is your favourite? Which do you think is the most attractive and the least attractive?