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If you’re looking for an elegant table with legs a little different from the regular, you might well like this Alice Table by House Eclectic. The very ethos of the designers who created with stylish table is one of individuality and diversity. Whether you want the table to be situated in a dining room or games room, the beautiful look of the Alice Table will compliment any functional requirements.

black-alice-table-house-ecleticWhat makes the Alice Table stand out are its legs. These are finely shaped and curvaceous, almost becoming reminiscent of contemporary chess pieces. Indeed, this allusion can work wonders for various games one might consider playing on the Alice Table. The deconstructionist philosophy of House Eclectic carries into their work and as such, also into the multiple functions and locations where this table can fit in.

The curvaceous legs will add a sophisticated elegance to an interior space which otherwise might have been lacking. It is of course intentional that the legs are the focal point of the complete furniture piece and that is the winning quality of the Alice Table. The picture shows the black version but it’s also available in white and lemon.

You can buy this table from the following location: Alice Table by House Eclectic.

Price: $735.