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The Colander Table is an innovative creation by the German designer Daniel Rohr. It’s comprised of two materials which include an aluminum body and a glass table top surface. The table gets its name from the peculiar hole design reminiscent of a kitchen colander used to sieve liquids from solids. It also looks very much like the stainless steel cheese graters with multiple indents.

colander-table-rohrThe magical aspect of the Colander Table comes when objects are placed on the glass table top, just above the bowl shaped curve made up of 909 holes. From certain angles, the glass seems to disappear and items appear to float. This intentional optical illusion focuses on the ability to delete space and material without actually taking anything away.

aluminum-colander-shaped-tableAt the moment, the Colander Table is a limited edition, with only ten pieces in existence. This is not surprising due to the complexities and length of time it takes to make one of these aluminum tables. In the video below you will be able to see the entire process which takes up to 4 weeks to complete.

H/T: Design Spotter