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If you were to glance quickly enough and perhaps had left your glasses are home, you might be forgiven for thinking this white chair was perfectly normal. However, upon closer inspection you’ll notice that three of the legs have been completely cut through. It’s still a functioning chair though and this optical illusion is bound to cause a little jump of fascination in anyone’s mind. That’s precisely the aim behind this Cut Chair by Seattle-based Peter Bristol who is a lead designer at the product development consultancy Carbon Design Group.

The Cut Chair is perfectly stable and this is due to the strong cantilevered system out of sight. Below the thick carpet is a metal plate which holds the chair in place and allows people of all weights to sit on the seat without it collapsing. This will probably not stop someone from being extra careful when they first sit on the chair, which is perfectly understandable. The designer is seeking a partnership to move the chair towards production or display and in my view, it’s certainly worthy of being seen a lot more.

You can see more designs by Bristol here: Peter Bristol Design Website.