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The Blob floor lamp by Karim Rashid is a floor lamp in the literal sense of the word. One usually expects a pole upon seeing a lamp for the floor but to see a lamp directly on the floor is something you don’t see every month. It makes a nice change and the design of this particular lamp is rather fascinating. How often have you come across a lighting fixture you can sit on?

yellow-blob-floor-lamp-rashidI’ve mentioned the Canadian designer Karim Rashid before on the website for his name is synonymous with contemporary and high-quality style. In many cases, his functional and holistic approach results in simple, elegant, highly functional and ergonomically sublime forms and products. Rashid’s material of choice is plastic and he was even named “the poet of plastic” by Time magazine in 2001.

This yellow blob floor lamp is typical of Rashid’s contemporary lighting design. Polypropylene is the material this lamp is made of and it comes in a choice of two colors, either yellow or white. The Foscarini Blob’s polypropylene make-up means the lamp is very lightweight whilst still being extremely durable, heat resistant and strong. It would take a very heavy boot with some force behind it to even make a dent in this material.

In fact, it’s so strong that you can actually sit on it and that has been taken into account during its design. On one part of the blob, there is a smooth section where a person can be seated quite comfortably.

karim-rashid-floor-lampThe Blob floor lamp is a perfect lighting accessory for a modern interior space such as a living room, artist’s studio or social area. Guests are sure to be wowed by the stunning moulded body that is further highlighted by the light’s soft illumination during the evening and night time hours.

There are so many possible uses for such an original contemporary floor lamp. If you have a large bathroom with a lot of floor space, the blob lamp would add a stunning focus to the room as a whole. For a large hallway, Rashid’s lamp can be placed near the entrance door or near the stairs, thereby creating a wonderful welcoming glow and visual treat to visiting friends and family.

You can buy this lighting-cum-seating blob from the following location: Blob XL Floor Lamp by Foscarini

It’s not cheap. At the time of writing, this contemporary floor lamp was priced at $1,692. However, it’s design and quality is beyond question having been produced by the highly respected Foscarini Factory headquartered in Italy. I’m a great fan of Karim Rashid’s work and his products never let you down.