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One of my favorite types of kitchen fridge-freezer is the impressive looking side-by-side refrigerator. It’s very much the alpha-fridge of the food cooling appliances and adds both power, space and an aesthetic sophistication to the kitchen interior. With more room inside, especially for your frozen foods, the process of making and storing food stuffs becomes that much more easier.

So what exactly is a side-by-side refrigerator that I’m raving about? It’s a combined fridge and freezer which is divided vertically with two separate doors. Thus on one side is the freezer section and on the other is the regular fridge section. One can open one door, say to the freezer part without having to access the other part, in this case, the fridge area. When all added together this saves on energy consumption which is wasted from excessive door opening and also gives more space in which to add frozen foods like those all important peas and meats.

If you’re looking to buy one of these half and half fridge-freezers then the following page showcases the best that can be found online as well as a comparison of prices. See here: Side-by-Side Refrigerators.

Many side-by-side refrigerators also come with additional benefits such as ice dispensers and wine racks, to name but just a few. They can also be found in a variety of colors which will suit most kitchen interior decor schemes.