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Vapor steam cleaning provides benefits to home cleaning that a regular vacuum cleaner does not. The basic principle behind the vapor steam cleaner is the use of dry steam to clean, disinfect and loosen any surface that is found in the home interior. Upon first setting eyes on a vapor steam cleaner it is easy to mistake it for a normal vacuum machine but inside there is instead a boiler which heats water which then produces steam. There are a number of benefits vapor steam cleaning brings and they noted below.

First of it, it’s important to note that vapor steam cleaning is different to the traditional forms of steam cleaning. The earlier models used hot water and suction to clean carpets and upholstery whilst the more modern vapor steam cleaner uses purely steam. This type of cleaning is likely to have originated in Italy during the inventions of espresso coffee machines which use a very similar method.

So how does a vapor steam cleaner work? Well, the cleaning machine uses an internal boiler where water is heated to between 150-300 degrees Fahrenheit or 66-149 degrees Celsius. Internal temperatures differ depending on the type and make of the vapor steam cleaner you buy. The steam is then safely allowed out to perform the cleaning process on various surfaces of your choosing.

The benefits of vapor steam cleaning are varied. One of the most popular is the ability to use ordinary tap water to fill the inner boiler. These negates the need for harsh chemicals and cleansers as well. On top of being kind to people with allergies and sensitivities to harsh chemicals, the process is also environmentally friendly. In fact, in regards to families who suffer from allergies, a vapor steam cleaning machine is pretty much required because it kills allergens directly on the surfaces where they are found rather that tossing them into the home’s atmosphere once again.

A vapor steam cleaner also means the use of dry steam. This is an important distinction to make between this and the earlier steam cleaners which often left carpets, upholstery and other surfaces damp and wet after cleaning. Mold and fungus love nothing better than wet and warm environments where they thrive. The vapor steam cleaning method instead has a low moisture content which is on average around 6% water. This kills dust mites, fungi, molds and even viruses immediately. Evaporation takes place soon after and thus the surfaces are left dry.

It’s important to use a regular vacuum cleaner on the carpet or other floor surface after the vapor steam cleaning is completed. The dry steaming will have killed all the bugs and fungus and will have also loosened dirt from the fibres of the carpet. Due to the prior vapor steam cleaning, the regular vacuum session will be many times easier than usual.

There are many surfaces where vapor steam cleaning can be used with great results. Any soft surfaces like those mentioned before such as carpets and upholstery, as well as stuffed toys and car interiors. Hard surfaces will also benefit and these include stone, tile and wooden flooring as well as windows, marble and concrete. Many vapor steam cleaners come with special attachments which can clean places that are hard to reach. This means crevices, grout and the areas beneath furniture can also be reached.

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