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When there is not enough space or money to install a staircase, pull down attic stairs provide a cheaper and easier alternative that can also enhance the interior. As the name suggests, the pull down stairs are designed to give access to an attic or loft space, then to be folded away when not in use. Whilst conventional step-ladders can be used, they are not as safe, comfortable and appealing as a well-made set of pull down attic stairs. The in-built system means the stairs can be folded into the ceiling itself.

Most systems can be accessed by pulling on a handle or string switch. When access to an attic is needed, the stairs unfold out providing an access route which reaches all the way down to the floor, like in the picture. Many can be installed within 24 hours depending on the manufacturer of the unit and the competency of those who install the pull-down attic stairs. With the right design, the unit can become an attractive and complimentary addition to a bedroom or landing.

Pull down attic stairs come in various shapes and sizes. Some are steeper than others whilst a few look more like ladders than traditional staircases. Others come with a wide range of safety features such as handrails, floor grips and special weights. These are installed to provide stability when heavy items are being transferred to the attic. Seeing as more people than not use the roof space as a storage area, this is particularly apt.

Pull down attic stairs can be seen in a variety of materials. Most however are made from metal, wood or special plastics. Depending on the use the stairs will fulfil and who will be using the unit most, the material will be an important factor to consider. Heavy wooden stairs that will need a stronger tug than say an aluminum staircase, might not be suitable for the elderly or children, for example. Some attic spaces are converted into children’s play rooms or bedrooms and so a light-weight system, whether metal, wood or plastic, might be needed in these cases.