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Hiring a professional interior decorator can be an attractive proposition especially when the Joneses next door have just had their living room re-done to the amazement of the neighbours. However, if you have a tight budget and feel it would burn too much of a hole in your wallet to hire these often expensive designers, then doing it yourself is the practical way to go. So what are the benefits of ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) home decorating?

The financial benefit of doing it yourself is probably the biggest positive factor. I know from experience that when a professional home decorator is hired, the costs soar. This isn’t necessarily from any underhand business practices but rather the enthusiasm that results from the beautiful drawings, mood boards and suggestions a professional brings to the equation. Soon we are agreeing to an extra window treatment and then an extra item of furniture and then a different paint color for the walls and so on.

When you are doing your decorating and home improvements yourself, then realism and the financial factors become more clear and it’s unlikely you’ll be forking out as much money.

The second major benefit of DIY home decorating is the satisfaction gained from such an enterprise. Even with the best of professional interior designers and the most intricate of descriptions, it’s usually the case that there are some regrets later down the line when we are not in full control of the decorating process. We know what we want and often we have known since our childhood days when we sat on the porch dreaming of our future home and what would be placed inside.

There’s nothing quite like the intimacy one gains with the materials, styles and furniture pieces when we do our home decorating ourselves without the help of a professional. We can mull over what will work and what won’t work, before making a final decision. It’s not difficult to change things if we have designed a room ourselves and decorated it with our own hands whereas it can often be overwhelming and intimidating to change something an expensive professional has made for us.

The final factor that makes do it yourself home decorating more attractive than hiring a professional is the time constraints. Once we hire a professional designer, it’s usually the case that the sooner the job is completed the better, if only for the sake of our expenses. This leads to rushed decisions and even feelings of guilt. Whereas when engage with ‘do it yourself’ home decorating, we have all the time in the world to sit back, contemplate the changes and research or brainstorm further before making new additions.

Many people imagine DIY home decorating as a time consuming task that they just cannot commit to. This is a fear that can easily be overcome with some simple time management and taking things one room at a time. The whole house does not need to be completely re-designed within one week, that is impossible and would make even the most experienced home designer sweat. Take your time and complete one room before moving on to another.

Invite friends and family round to help you paint the walls or go browsing the antique shops and furniture stores with you. Including other people in your ‘do it yourself’ home decorating schemes will make the whole process much more enjoyable and later you can return the favour when they embark on their own home decorating. They might even be inspired by the results they see in your own home.

Hopefully this post has given you some pointers as to the benefits of ‘do it yourself’ home decorating. If you have a low budget or just desire to be more hands on, then re-decorating your home interiors needn’t be akin to climbing a mountain nor does it have to be expensive. With the wide array of home décor books, videos and magazines in stores and on the internet, there is really no excuse to be at a loss when it comes to designing your own rooms.