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There are a variety of uses for room divider screens which all benefit the home interior in some way. Placement of a screen in a living room, bedroom or home office can dramatically transform the space into a setting that is dedicated to a certain task, theme or ambiance. A room divider does the job of a wall but without the hassle, mess and expense of the brick, mortar and work that would be required.

Room screens are basically free-standing panels and most can be folded away when not in use. Many have hinges which allows the screen to be formatted into different positions and angles depending on the shape of the interior and the location in which it is situated. Practicality is the number one benefit screens bring to the home but they can also introduce decorative elements which match and merge with existing décor schemes.

When room dividing screens were first seen in Western homes, most were based on the traditional oriental designs from which they were taken. However, as the dividers have become more popular and commonplace, the designs have become a lot more varied and include a whole host of themes on just about any subject you can think of. There are even room screens for children with a multitude of cartoon and fairy-tale characters and scenes.

Most screens are made from wood but even these vary in type, texture and colour. Bamboo screens are popular as are rattan dividers which both add a slightly rustic and natural feel to a room. Other screens are made from strengthened plastics, fabrics (with metal frameworks) and even glass. The material, color and size you choose will depend largely in the existing interior décor schemes and dimensions of the space you wish to place the divider within.

An example of some home interiors which will benefit from a room screen include a make-shift home office which might be part of a bedroom or living room, and can thus be given its own space; a shared bedroom where a partner can gain some privacy by dressing behind the screen; or a kitchen which is open spaced in relation to the dining room and thus needs a decorative screen to hide the cooking process from visiting guests. Other possible uses include the ability to hide certain corners or walls that might be partially decorated or messy.

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There are hundreds of room screen designs and equally as many possible uses for them when in the home. Select the one which most matches your tastes and requirements but also one you know will fit into the interior with ease.