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The classic wooden rocking chair is what usually comes to mind when we think of a rocker. However, this stylish Aviar Rocker combines the regular rocking theme with the look of a comfortable leather chair. The old fashioned rocking chairs could get a little uncomfortable after a while unless cushioned well. This modern leather rocking chair as seen in the image below, on the other hand, oozes comfort.

Stylish Modern Leather Rocking ChairThe Aviar Rocker’s shape is composed of a fun and almost playful silhouette that embodies the rocking motion one will enjoy when sitting down. Chromed-metal sculpted arms wrap around the base like a futuristic contraption one sees in movies. It’s modern, it’s contemporary and it’s funky. Inside is dense foam and the covering is tailored from bistro brown leather which all increases the amount of comfort enjoyed.

It’s a perfect rocking chair for a stylish home study, library or studio where you spend time contemplating projects, reading books and listening to the radio on a Sunday afternoon. On the base of the Aviar Rocker are full rubber shields which means it can be placed on all types of flooring including carpet, wood and stone.

You can read more about this stylish modern leather rocking chair here: aviar rocker – bistro

It’s also available in a light cream color and is priced at $798.