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I always think a room with no books is just not a room I want to spend much time in. Whether it’s an interior space of my own or one I pass through on a fleeting visit, I always like to see books somewhere in the room, whether on bookshelves, tables or even somewhere unusual, like with the scroll book table-cum-coffee table seen in the picture below. A good discussion on one’s favorite books can then ensue and one is likely to find common ground with a fellow admirer of literature and learning.

athena-book-coffee-tableMore often than not, these discussions take place over a cup of tea or a glass of wine in the main living room. It is therefore important to have an item of furniture that compliments this type of environment, both practically and aesthetically. As mentioned above, something like the wooden scroll-style book table-cum-coffee table is an ideal furniture piece for such an occasion.

Books, magazines, atlases and dictionaries can all be slotted into place for easy access when needed during an evening of chatting, discussing and drinking. I love a good political discussion and to have various books in place to open up when chatting about 20th Century European or American history is something that’s attractive to me. It’s for this reason the scroll table-cum-coffee table which can hold a variety of books jumped out of the page at me.

scroll-book-coffee-tableIt’s both practical and good looking, so adds a unique storage area for books as well as a rather delightful furniture piece for the center of the room or wherever you choose to put it.

Have a closer look here: Athena Scroll Book Table-cum-Stylish Coffee Table

book-table-cum-coffee-tableIt’s designed by Facundo Poj who has gained recognition as a leading designer in the furniture realm. Born in Argentina, Poj has designed furniture pieces for some famous clients such as Louis Vuitton, Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot. Each of his tables are exclusively hand crafted and are built to last a life time.