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The Anglepoise light is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Designed by the automotive engineer George Carwardine in 1933, the floor and desk lamp has gone on to be a best-seller ever since. Its clean and industrial look matched with its ability to move in every conceivable direction has meant the years have not wearied nor dented the light’s popularity.

Carwardine first came up with the idea when tinkering around with different spring designs in his workshop in the city of Bath, England. Upon inventing a unique spring that was both agile yet able to remain rigid when needed, he looked for an application for his newly patented creation. The result was the Anglepoise light which was based on the muscle principles of the human arm.

anglepoise-lightYou can read more about the history of the light and Carwardine on the British Design Museum website. It’s a fascinating read.

anglepoise-light-bigThe picture above shows the gigantic Anglepoise lamp especially made for the 70th anniversary of its creation. It’s actually available for sale if you have a room big enough.