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Okay ladies, this is a post just for you. It’s actually an invention specifically for men but one that will appeal to women the most. If you have a wayward husband, then you’ll be desperate for this item. The majority of my posts here on Home Interior Design Themes are unisex and don’t usually differentiate between the sexes. However, when I saw this product, I knew a large untapped niche in bathroom décor and furnishings had been found that females will love.

angels-knee-pillow-pee-stoolDoes your husband or boyfriend sprinkle when they tinkle? Do they scatter when they patter? If so, then you might consider acquiring the Tenshi no Hizamakura, or in English, the “Angels Knee Pillow” bathroom bench. The idea is that the gentleman of the house will rest their knees on a cushioned platform similar to a church pew kneeler, during the process of urination. The whole point is to shorten the distance between the man’s thingy-magig and the toilet bowl, thereby reducing the possibility of stray spray & splashes. This in turn means less cleaning up to do by the lady of the house, post pee.

angels-knee-pillow-toilet-splash-testingThere’s a whole lot of scientific study behind this Japanese invention. A study by Panasonic counted the number of droplets of splash the average man made when urinating from a standing position. With fascinating precision, they discovered that if a man aims at the pool of water in the middle of the toilet bowl then there are 85 stray drops. Aiming for the back of the bowl bumps that figure up to 207 drops, while a shot at the front of the bowl invokes a positive flood of 311 drops.

The Kaiteki Raifu Kenkyusho (Comfortable Life Research Center) therefore came up with this ingenious solution. Japanese housewives have been delighted with the results the “Angels Knee Pillow” has provided. Ladies, how long ago was it since your husband was last on his knees? His proposal of marriage to you? The wedding night? With this bathroom stool, it could be thrice daily. No more messy bathroom embarrassments that will leave your guests bewildered. This easy-to-wipe-clean pee stool could be storming to a country near you soon.

angels-knee-pillow-pee-stool-for-menYou can see further diagrams (and if you can read Japanese, more information) on the Angels Knee Pillow here: House Doctor

H/T: Inventor Spot