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My parents were both teachers so this ‘teachers write the future’ decorative throw pillow caught my eye and reminded me of the many hours of homework help my mother and father gave me. Teachers, like parents, play a major role in shaping the mental and emotional well-being of a child that will influence who they become when they become an adult. Many people have fond memories of their school teachers and others like to show some gratitude in the form of a gift.

This ‘teachers write the future’ decorative throw pillow is just such a gift idea for one of your teachers, past or present. The very colorful and cheerful teacher’s pillow portrays the many various items that go into making our school days so memorable, whether for good or bad reasons. As one can see from the picture above, the ‘teachers write the future’ decorative throw pillow shows a collection of books with all the various school subjects written on their spines.

There’s History as well as Science which sits next to Reading on the bottom shelf. Above there’s a blue Math book which sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it. Two yellow rulers adorn the top and bottom of the ‘teachers write the future’ decorative throw pillow which add a neat border effect. Also included are a bronze school bell, a distinctive yellow school bus and one of my personal favorite items, the globe of the world.

If you are a student looking for a thank you gift for a teacher then this teacher themed decorative throw pillow will make a kind, meaningful and colorful gift that will add some spice to their home interior. Perhaps you are a teacher yourself and would like to be reminded when the homework marking and lesson preparations get a little too much, just how important your job is for the young minds under your care. Either way, the ‘teachers write the future’ decorative throw pillow is a fun and playful accessory to liven up a sofa or bed.

You can buy this decorative throw pillow from the following location: Teachers Write The Future Decorative Throw Pillow.

Price: $15.99