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Some of the best leather in the world comes from the Moroccan region of North Africa. This is best exemplified by this delightful tea light candle holders made from leather. They are the creation of a French designer, living and working in the visually splendid city of Marrakesh in Morocco.


For many centuries Europeans have travelled to and from this North African nation bringing some of the finest leather products and designs people had ever seen. Many of the leather goods, made from the skins of cows, camels and goats, were worn in the great courts of France, England and Spain. To this very day, Marrakesh and Fez are seen as cultural hotspots that provide magnificent artistic accents and wares.


These two tea light candle holders, one red, the other a deep yellow, have been designed in the shape of a cone. Each rests on a metal tripod and comes with a special cradle with which to lower the candle down, when lit. They are designed specifically for use with the popular tea light candle which are already widely popular in most nations.

If you have a rustic interior design scheme then these tea lamps will be perfect. However, they will match a wide variety of rooms, including hallways so as to provide a beautiful introduction to your home when guests visit. You can even place them in the bathroom where the visual delight of the shimmering colors will sooth your mind when relaxing in the bath. Perhaps place some incense sticks nearby or aromatic oils as well.

You can buy these beautiful Moroccan lamps from the following locations depending on the color you desire:

Moroccan Red Leather Tea Light Candle Holder

Moroccan Yellow Leather Tea Light Candle Holder

Price for one: $54