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“Absolutely beautiful” were the first two words that entered my mind when I set eyes on these colorful cow statues. The silver plated metal accents combine multiple tones of just four different colors which include red, blue, orange and green. The cows ooze character with their expressive and stylish stances. In many ways they are similar to the excited movement little dogs make when wanting to play.

What really sets these metal cow statues apart from any other is their richness of color. Billy Moon, the designer, has really shown a professional and gifted stroke of talent with the tonal combinations and overall tasteful look. Also present on each of the side plates of the cow’s bodies are delicate accents that are ingrained into the metal. These are floral in nature with stems and flower heads portrayed.

The cow statue’s heads are made from silver metal which gleam in any light. Heart shaped horns and curled tails soften any sharpness of the metal giving the cows a soft ambiance to their posture. If you’re seeking to add color via attractive and decorative accent pieces, this set of 3 metal cow statues is certainly a very good starting point to consider. I love them and will consider buying a set myself. When it comes to tasteful color combinations in art and decor, these cows have it all.

You can purchase these cows from here: Tasteful Colorful Cow Statues.

Price: $129.80