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Throw blankets of any kind can be used in a multitude of locations and for different décor requirements. A decorative tapestry throw blanket like the one pictured below showing a tree with colorful hanging birdhouses adds a vibrancy which particularly suits themed interiors. With a colorful tapestry throw blanket like this tree themed blanket, a variety of decor uses can be obtained simply by hanging it on a wall or laying it on a floor.

A tapestry throw blanket can be placed in nearly every and any room in the home. Many people use throw blankets to drape over chairs, sofas or tables. This can be particularly suitable if your furniture is a little worn and you want a temporary but attractive throw blanket to use when guests visit. They can also be used as wall hangings in much the same way as the traditional Medieval tapestry.

If you are a birdwatcher or someone with a natural interest in Ornithology, then this birdhouse tree tapestry throw blanket will make a very suitable decorative accessory for your interior decor scheme. It’s positive for the mind to have visual representations of your hobbies and interests in your home and this colorful and attractive throw blanket with a bird theme is just such an example. The throw blanket also has a slight fairy-tale ambiance to it which I believe only enhances its appeal.

A birdhouse themed tapestry throw blanket like this will also be much loved by young children who will delight in the rich colors and intricacy of the design. During the Winter months it can be used as an extra layer on their beds to keep them warm.

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