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For a home with a contemporary style and a penchant for white, this tall white floor lamp will make a splendid addition. The Hoop Floor Lamp is a striking lighting fixture that will compliment an array of interior settings, especially those with a decidedly modern design scheme. Slightly Art Deco in appearance, the oblong cut-out frames are matched with a chrome pull chain for turning the light on and off.

The Hoop floor lamp can be placed in a living room, bedroom or dining room and act as both an accent light as well as a sculptural piece in its own right. When matched together with similar furnishings and contrasting color combinations, the tall white metal floor lamp will come into its own and become a permanent and necessary feature. As previous purchasers of this lamp have said, if you like contemporary white decor and home accessories, then this floor light is ideal.

You can buy this lamp from the following location: Tall White Hoop Floor Lamp.

Price: $398