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In my view, the greyhound is one of the most beautiful looking dogs that has ever walked (or maybe it’s best to say “run across”) the earth. This tall greyhound dog statue portraying a lifelike representation is an ideal decorative addition to a household with a fondness for these graceful canines. The detail of the dog’s body is quite amazing and you can clearly see all the classical forms of this widely-recognised racing dog such as the long head and elongated muzzle.

Tall Sitting Greyhound Dog Statue

Made from Polystone (Dense Resin), the tall sitting greyhound statue will look great in just about any interior setting. It can be positioned in a living room where it will provide a themed accent sculpture for everyday admiring. Alternatively a hallway will allow guests and visitors to get a glimpse of this wonderful decorative statue which would surely showcase your interest in the world of greyhounds. It can also be placed outdoors easily enough.

You can purchase this statue from here: Aspire Greyhound Dog Statue.

Ideal for a table top or porch.