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When a decor scheme has been completed, there is often a certain something missing that will finish the job. Sometimes we can’t quite put a word to this missing item and sometimes we know exactly what it is that will create a stunning decorative feature to a room. This tall red-mahogany bamboo floor vase with a striking gleam is just such an accent feature that will round off a long session of interior decorating and make a room glow with pride.

The red-mahogany bamboo floor vase is 47 inches in height and has been made using natural spun bamboo. Its elegant and graceful shape means it will compliment a variety of interior styles and the red nature of the floor vase means it will add a touch of eye-catching color to what would otherwise be a bland interior setting. The red-mahogany bamboo floor vase has a multi-layer finish which gives the elegant vase a striking gleam which will really set off part of an interior space.

At its widest point, this red-mahogany bamboo floor vase is 18 inches in diameter which means it will be able to fit in a multitude of locations. Although for best usage, a larger space is possibly the best recommendation so as to gain the full visual treat that the gleaming red bamboo floor vase will add to an interior. Unfortunately, bamboo cannot hold water but this can be overcome, if you so desire to place live plants inside, by using a plastic container or glass insert. For this style of tall bamboo floor vase, I usually add dried branches and grasses or if applicable, realistic but tasteful faux flora and fauna.

You can buy this red bamboo vase from the following location: Tall Red-Mahogany Bamboo Floor Vase.

At the time of writing, this vase was priced at $239.95