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Tealight candles are a popular choice of decorative lighting for many people due to their relatively low cost and ease of placement. Nevertheless, tealight candle holders in general are usually pretty mundane in design and scope. That’s why I was taken aback by these beautiful and elegant tall glass tealight candle holders in the shape of traditional candlesticks. They are contained within cylinders and the whole material make-up of the tall tealight candle holders is that of glass.

The tall delicate candelabras in which the tealight candles sit are made from blown glass and each one sits inside a clear glass cylinder. This design not only provides an exquisite beauty but also a protective barrier which prevents the candles being accidentally blown out. When entertaining guests, the continual relighting of candles can be a pain. The cylinders which surround the tall glass tealight candlestick holders also offers the opportunity for the merging of water and flame.

Anyone who has sat by a river or lake at night watching the lights from a nearby city or the moon will know how beautiful and enchanting a light source can be when viewed upon the gentle ripples or vibrations of a water’s surface. The cylinders can be filled with water up to near the rim of the tall blown glass tealight candle holders thereby providing a lake which will compliment the flickering flame when the lights are dimmed and the time comes for intimate conversations or relaxing music.

The tall glass tealight candle holders have been intentionally shaped like a certain type of traditional candlestick. In more ways than one, the magic of the past is merged with the excitement of the future to produce a visually stunning set of twenty-first century blown glass candlesticks within their own protective hurricane-style cylinders.

You can buy these elegant candle holders from the following location: Tall Glass Tealight Candle Holders in the Shape of Candlesticks.

Price: $68 for a set of 3.