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The barnacle vase is a beautiful work of art inspired directly by the wonders of the natural world. Made in very much the same way as barnacles in the wild attach themselves to rocks and stones, the individual barnacles that make up the tall vase have also been painstakingly attached by the artist to achieve the final fully functional vase for flowers and dried plants. The end result is a sculptural delight and one that will attract the attention of all visiting guests.

Barnacles are small marine animals known as arthropods and attach themselves to rocks in shallow waters. From their permanent positions, they reach out from within their rock-hard shells to catch minute sea creatures to eat. You will have no doubt seen hundreds of barnacles below your feet if you’ve ever been to a rocky part of the coast or walked along a seaside pier and looked down at the pier’s legs. This tall ceramic barnacle vase is very much a reproduction of the scenes you can witness where barnacles are to be found.

Made from ceramic, the vase is ideal for the placement of flowers, dried plants and grasses. Water can be placed within to nourish the flowers and the stems can be put into any of the multiple barnacle holes. Just like in the seas, life will appear to spring from hard rock (or ceramic material in this case) and shells, and flourish. The tall barnacle vase can be situated on a bedside table, living room shelf or as a dining room focal point on the table where meals are served. Have a sea themed bathroom or bedroom? It will fit in perfectly there.

You can buy this unique vase from here: Tall Sculptural Barnacle Vase.

It reaches 23 inches in height.