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I’ve written about my appreciation of the angel form before on this blog. They remind me both of my religious heritage and also the wonderfully magical Christmas period of the year. In a world that can seem sterilised of fantasy and magic, sometimes a small reminder of how little we really do know about the universe, can bring quite a bit of joy. This is the case with this impressive and tall angel lantern candle holder which is made from 100% iron.

tall-angel-lantern-candle-holderIf you admire art and sculpture like I do, then this angel lantern will probably catch your eye immediately. When I first saw it, I was reminded of the beautiful driftwood sculptures artists carve out of found wood on the beach. It’s made of iron metal however, but still has that rustic charm that comes with the distressed look of the material and simple yet stunning form. One can quite easily imagine it inside a church, especially in the cathedrals of Europe. In fact, I believe I have seen similar sculptures in the religious buildings of Barcelona.

The craftsmanship that made this tall angel lantern candle holder must have been incredible. One can see delightful spiralling patterns on the main body as well as on part of the lantern itself. Beautiful wings folded behind the angel’s back bring a geometric focus to the light source in the center. Inside the lantern, a candle can be placed, such as a tea-light candle, which can be found in all local stores.

This tall angel lantern candle holder is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Perhaps you’re looking for a decorative feature for the sitting room or hallway that will bring an air of wonder and magic to an interior space. With the right lighting, this angel sculpture will be stunning during the night time hours. A small candle alone will mean the light will reflect a shadow of the angel’s wings onto a wall, where they will shimmer and dance; perhaps to open up and fly!

You can see a bigger picture of this angel as well as purchasing details here: Tall Angel Lantern Candle Holder Made From Iron.

It’s priced at $199