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It’s a beautiful Winter evening and outside, large flakes of snow are swirling in circles as they descend to the covered white ground. Your partner and you are settling in to watch a movie or to share dinner together, perhaps with the children. It’s been a hard day at work but you’re beginning to relax and laughter permeates the room. The ceiling lights have been turned down low and you’ve lit a few candles to try and make the interior look snug and cosy.

However, there is something missing, something that would complete the romantic ambiance you can just about see in your mind. If only you could have seen a picture of the contemporary table top fireplace as seen in the image below.

table-top-fireplace-oil-mertensStainless steel tubes make up this ingenious table top fireplace by Carl Mertens. The miniature table top fireplace is basically an oil burning lamp which gives off both light and heat. It rests on a slate base which adds a natural contrast to the more industrial stainless steel logs. If you’re wanting to create a beautiful and moving focal point to a dining table, coffee table or any other surface, then this table top fireplace is it.

You can buy this intriguing oil burning lamp from this website: Table Top Fireplace

Price: $389