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Christmas is mere weeks away and already the shops have been filled to the brim with festive decorations and ornaments. Visiting the stores has no doubt given you some ideas on how you want to decorate your home during the magical period. One of my favorite ways, is with candles and lots of them. That’s why I was attracted to this table top Christmas tree candle holder sculpture which I came across this morning.

table-top-christmas-tree-candle-holder-sculptureThis small Merry Christmas Tree is a perfect size to be used as a table top festive ornament. It has three inner layers of metal candle holders inside the cone shaped mesh surrounding. Red and green decorations adorn the outside, with faux sprigs of holly attached to the outer rims seen circling the tree at various points. Naturally, the cone can be removed whilst the candles are replaced and lit.

What I particularly like about this table top Christmas tree candle holder sculpture is the beautiful decorative features that make up the curved bars curving in all directions across the mesh. This means, when all the candles are lit and lights are lowered, the reflections on the walls of the room, will be astonishing. As one might imagine, the flickering candlelight will create a dancing light effect into the whole interior of the room in which it is placed.

By day it will be a pretty ornament that will add a festive decorative feature to your Christmas interior themes and by night, it will become a magical light show in the darkness of mid-Winter. The Christmas tree candle holder sculpture will certainly add a sparkle to the mystery and excitement of Christmas Eve, especially for young children.

You can buy this decorative accessory from the following location: Table Top Christmas Tree Candle Holder Sculpture.

There’s also a larger version which is linked to from the above page.