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There’s only one superhero you need when looking for a place to put your salt and pepper shakes and pile of napkins. The answer lies with this super spoon man! Made from stainless steel, the spoon man is made from a merging of 3 regular spoons together with four bent forks. Two spoons form his legs whilst the third spoon acts as his torso and head. Two of the forks form his superhero cloak (for the napkins) while the other two are shaped as hands.

When dining with family and friends, this superhero salt, pepper and napkin stand will enliven the table top with its character and witty appeal, not to mention its flawless functionality. Two shakers are included with the super spoon/fork man whilst the purchase of red napkins will ensure the superman style image will be complete. When not in use as tableware, the functional dining table sculpture can be placed on a shelf or sideboard for added kitchen decorative style.

You can buy it from here: Salt Pepper and Napkin Stand Superhero.

Designed by Judson Jennings.