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Tired of all this boring and industrial-looking coffee makers that add little to nothing to your kitchen décor? If so, have a look at this super looking automatic espresso maker that comes in a beautifully sleek retro-modern design. Practical, highly functional and above all attractive, this limousine black this espresso maker and milk-frother all-in-one will add an ultra-urban feature to your coffee making area.

Espresso, with origins in Italy, is a hugely popular drink in the United States and worldwide. We’re all used to hearing the familiar sounds and smells of places like Starbucks or Seattle’s famous coffee houses made even more famous by scenes from the hilarious sitcom Frasier. However, one doesn’t need a professional ‘barista’ to make a wonderful espresso, for this super looking automatic espresso maker can do the job equally as well from within the comfort of your own home.

An espresso maker should not be confused with a regular coffee making machine. Whilst all espressos are coffee, not all coffees are espresso. The ways of making each type of drink are different. The typical espresso is created from hot water being forced at high pressure through finely ground coffee whilst regular coffee is made more from a drip effect where gravity is used to move the water through coffee grounds. The result of the espresso system is that the coffee is darker, stronger in flavor and more concentrated. It’s also used in related drinks such as mochas and lattes.

This attractive fully automatic espresso maker comes with all the parts necessary to make a very fine cup of espresso as well as the related drinks mentioned above thanks to an integrated Aeroccino. The making of a hot, creamy and delicious coffee espresso drink is really as simple as placing a cup onto a shelf and pressing a “start” button. With perfect cafe-style coffee every time, this super looking black automatic espresso maker will provide not only a highly functional drinks maker but also a visual treat with its retro-style curves and sophisticated black and silver combinations.

You can buy this item from here: Nespresso Automatic Single-Serve Espresso Maker and Milk Frother.

Price: $348.95