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‘Living out of a suitcase’ is a well known idiom but it’s unlikely you’ve ever considered sitting in your suitcase. This is exactly the philosophy behind the Suitcase Chair by talented South African designer Katie Thompson. The piece features an old suitcase that has been crafted into a new form, that of a chair, in what is a stunning metamorphosis Graham Greene would have been proud of.

We often find travelling to be a rather uncomfortable and tiring experience where we have to wait in queues, sit in airplanes for hours on end and battle to find an unoccupied taxi once we arrive at our destination. This unique suitcase chair seems to play on this theme and is composed of a steel reinforced structure together with delightfully comfortable upholstery which has been covered with Liberty print floral fabrics.

Wooden legs which have been whitewashed so as to match the white linen, add a stylish finish to the overall furniture piece. Katie Thompson who studied in Cape Town likes to work with old and discarded items which she then transforms into new pieces of art and furniture. Extraordinary transformations take place which have made her name synonymous with energy and creativity.

You can read more about her and see more of her work, here: South African Designer Katie Thompson.

Unfortunately, this Suitcase Chair has been sold and is one of a kind.

H/T: Sutkutusu.