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Are you seeking a home office computer desk that will not make the room seem too full and heavy? The L-shaped computer desk as seen in the picture below is a great choice to contemplate if you want an office working area that will almost blend into the background and become invisible when not in use. This is due to its stylish steel framework and tempered glass combination which merges strength and aesthetic appeal with understated design.

Don’t be mistaken however, just because the home office desk seems to merge into the surroundings doesn’t mean that the design is boring. The steel legs of the desk curve upwards, forming a strong foundation for the polished and beveled tempered safety glass, which acts as the desk top surface. The glass is very strong and can take heavy weights ranging from computers to leaning arms. Chrome mounts attach the glass to the main steel framework.

The stylish contemporary home office desk also comes with a sliding keyboard tray which can be attached to either of the two table tops which make up the L-shaped computer desk. There’s plenty of room underneath for legs, wires and further electronic equipment. Owing to the shape of the desk, the Alexa can be situated in a corner of a home office or alternatively, just about anywhere else. It will keep the interior looking bright, light and no too heavily burdened as can be the case with more prominent and robust wooden and metal furniture pieces.

You can buy this desk here: Home Loft Concept Alexa L Shaped Computer Desk.

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