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A spoilt cat needs a sophisticated room of their own in which to preen, lick their bums and generally purr with graceful and arrogant aplomb. Little dogs, including puppies, like to have a secure den where they can retire after a day’s work tending to rabbit holes and muddy puddles. In both cases, for cat or for dog, this stylish pet cave bed as shown below is a great solution of picky pet’s needs. The pet cave is private, secure, dry and looks good which will suit the pet’s owners as well in their larger cave interior design considerations.

This stylish pet cave bed is made from walnut wood and contains inside a comfortable gray mattress which can be removed for ease of cleaning. The pet cave has a simplistic Scandinavian style which means it will be suitable for a wider range of interior settings than would one that had more intricacy and fancy designs to it. The wooden aspect to the pet cave box alludes to a tree cavity that felines in the wild often find and use as sleeping places. In other words, the wooden pet cave will appeal to their wild cat nature. Yes, even Fluffy still has the tiger in her.

A pet’s sleeping place whether a basket or this stylish pet cave bed is best located in a quiet and warm place in the home. Although, that said, many cats and dogs like to doze and sleep in the main living room, regardless of how often or loud the television or general chatter can become. Depending on your pet’s habits and norms, you can place this simple yet attractive walnut pet cave bed in the room where they most often settle down for the night. As mentioned before, the simple Scandinavian natural style of the pet cave bed will merge and compliment a variety of different room design themes and locations.

You can buy this pet cave box from the following location: Stylish Walnut Pet Cave Bed.

By the way, the pet cave is named ‘Eddie’s Room’, which if you’re a Fraser fan like me, will remind you of the little dog that brought extra cheer to the classic comedy series. I can imagine his little head poking out of the hole in this cave pet bed.