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Many people want to achieve a certain “look” when it comes to the furniture and décor of their living space. If you are stressed trying to achieve the perfect design, relax and enjoy your redecorating. One innovative approach you can take is to use statement furniture. Innovative, quirky furniture can give your space that extra special charm. Statement, contemporary furniture can serve as a conversation piece, drawing attention and complementing the other furniture and design elements in the space.

Instead of using ready-to-assemble furniture from a big box retailer, you can very easily locate pieces with character that are visually arresting and fit with your overall décor. From stylish credenzas and night tables to distinctive wall units and chests of drawers, statement furniture can transform a room to “the room” that everyone talks about. Out of the ordinary chairs, chaises, wine racks, and shelves can also create quite a statement in a room. Uncommon light fixtures can also give your living space some character and inspiration.

One design tip to keep in mind when styling your room is that the statement furniture needs to be the sole focus of the room; otherwise the overall look won’t work. You do not want to have more than one piece competing for attention. The goal is to achieve an overall aesthetic that provokes conversation and also works on a functional level.

You can incorporate statement furniture into any living space. Whether you choose to purchase contemporary furniture, designer furniture, or repurpose existing furniture, you can achieve the look you are aiming for. In addition to the visual aspect of the furniture pay attention to the fabrics and the colours. To give a specific example, when selecting an end table, bamboo gives a quite different impression than chrome and glass. Again, the statement furniture needs to be the room’s primary focal point to avoid a cluttered, gimmicky look.

Take a look at various contemporary furniture and designer furniture stores and showrooms. Read through some design magazines and blogs. After a bit you will begin to get a feel for which statement furniture pieces fit with your personal style as well as your living space.