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I’m a poet as well as a designer and one of the natural phenomena that most inspires creativity is a beautiful sunset. Whether one is an artist, writer, poet or musician, the natural world presents the most wonderful of designs every moment of every day. It’s not just in the skies where these wonderful tapestries of color and light occur but also on the ground in the form of trees, flowers, animals and rock formations.

sunset-5-piece-wall-artWhen the two are combined with a creative edge, there comes into being astonishing images and delightful art work. This can be seen in the sunset 5 piece wall art display in the picture above.

Reflections often play an important role in any Interior Designer’s considerations when designing a room. Mirrors can enlarge spaces and add light to a space with small windows. Like in the natural world, reflections can double the beauty and form we admire so much in the magnificent sculptures of nature.

This sunset 5 piece wall art instillation gives us a decorative wall feature that can enhance the ambiance and emotions of an interior space. It has been uniquely hand-painted with oil on canvas. Perfect for a colorful and philosophical focus to a modern interior.