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I’ve written about animal head wall trophies before on this blog, both realistic and abstract. Now I’ve found one that moves into the lighting arena of interior design in the form of this stunning Stag Head Trophy Lamp which is eye-catching to say the least. I’m not a fan of taxidermy nor do I like the killing of animals needlessly, so trophy heads that are made from alternative materials are something I especially look for.

stag-deer-head-trophy-wall-lampA previous deer trophy head I mentioned was made from wood, this one is made from hand-molded resin. Inside are a series of fluorescent tubes with dimmable ballast capabilities. What I particularly like about this stag head trophy lamp is the haunting beauty of the antlers and the life-like natural forms of the animal. Stags and deer are incredibly beautiful creatures and lend themselves well to sculpture and art, and in this case, a stunning trophy lamp.

The Stag Head Trophy Lamp will make a lovely feature on the wall of a large interior space. If you have a large house or a hallway with a lot of space, then this trophy lamp with antlers will make a wonderful ambient lighting focal point. I can image during the night hours, when lights are dimmed elsewhere, this Stag Head Trophy Lamp will look absolutely amazing. It will have a ghostly quality, rather like the romantic images of the deer in the snow, walking through the mists in the forest.

If you’re looking to create a “wow” effect for when visitors come knocking, as well as a beautiful ambient lighting feature that will hark back to legends and fables, then this Stag Head Trophy Lamp is a great choice. For those, like me, who can’t stand to see animals killed or stuffed, but who want the beauty of the stag and its antlers on our walls, then this original and contemporary sculptural lighting feature will work wonders.

You can purchase this animal trophy lamp from the following location: Stunning Stag Head Trophy Lamp.

I should warn you, it’s a limited edition and does come with a rather hefty price tag of $7,499. The designers are Christophe Hascoet, Annabel Karim Kassar and Isabelle Rolland.