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A globe of the Earth is one of my favorite educational accessories for a home study, library or kid’s bedroom. For most of my life I’ve had a fascination with maps and political geography and have owned half a dozen globes of different sorts. One I have never had however but dearly want is a magnetic floating globe like the one pictured below. It quite literally floats in space and can be turned on its axis whilst hovering between two magnets.

The magnetic floating globe, or in other words, levitating globe, is a decorative feature that will definitely impress the whole household and visiting guests. Two magnets, one in the base of the globe apparatus and one at the tip, hold the blue and silver globe suspended in mid-air. The globe itself is 6 inches in diameter and can be tilted and spun to get better views of certain countries, land masses or seas.

A magnetic floating globe like this Stellanova globe makes an excellent educational tool which automatically also becomes a decorative feature. If purchased for a child’s bedroom or home-school study, the levitating globe will provide a fun way to raise a child’s interest in geography and world events. When something is mentioned on the news, you can get your child to spin the magnetic floating globe and pinpoint where the developing stories are originating from.

Alternatively, the magnetic floating globe can be placed in a home library or home office where it can compliment existing décor and become a contemporary feature of the work desk or on top of a filing cabinet. There’s no end to places where this floating globe will make an impact.

Price: $85