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What do you call a cross between a Frenchman and a stunning reblown glass bottle? The answer is Jean Michel Daluzeau, a master glass artist from Véretz in France whose beautiful creations have won him praise from far and wide. He can also be considered an environmentally friendly advocate and this is due in no small way to the style of his work in which old glass bottles and items are transformed into works of art instead of being thrown away onto some trash heap.

A universe of light and transparency has been born from Daluzeau’s creations which allow color to flourish and gorgeous forms to materialise. These new objects thus become new fixtures in the home and for display in art galleries. These might include the delightful flower vases and candle holders or they might address more functional needs that need an aesthetic accompaniment such as tableware, shower walls, thermo windows, lighting fixtures or even fountains.

The process of transforming ordinary glass items into works of inspirational art is varied. There are a number of different techniques that go into the development and these include the main philosophy behind Daluzeau’s designs which is the heating of glass to make it malleable and therefore easier to manipulate. This single technique of glass fusion in itself, where glass is formed into one homogeneous state, is nothing new and has been happening for thousands of years.

Where the more modern process takes place is the contemporary style that is attained by allowing the glass to collapse and bend under its own weight to form stunning shapes and almost dream-like objects which dazzle with their color, shine and originality. Jean Michel Daluzeau is renowned for pushing the boundaries when it comes to glass working and this can easily be seen in his work. More of which can be discovered on his French-language website found here: La Compagnie des Fontaines.

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