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Why did the chicken cross the road? Probably to get the hell away from this Stoneware Chicken Roaster that is shaped rather ominously like a chicken. The stoneware pottery is attractive to look at and if you’re seeking an original design for your cookware then this chicken shaped roaster is perfect. However, it might not be suitable for semi-vegetarians who prefer not to be reminded of what exactly they are eating actually looked like when alive.

This stoneware chicken roaster shaped like a real chicken is made by potters in the US state of North Carolina. The chicken roaster is ideal for gently roasting chicken in its own juices whilst added herbs and spices are allowed to permeate the meat. Heat is distributed on all sides of the stoneware chicken roaster which means the meat inside is cooked evenly. The chicken is kept tender by the fact that any moisture is kept inside the roaster. This means more chicken meat to eat as it will slide better off the bone.

It’s not just chicken that can be cooked in this chicken shaped Stoneware Chicken Roaster. Other meats including turkey breast, pot roast and various vegetables can also be placed inside. One doesn’t have to worry about keeping the stoneware chicken roaster clean either as its safe to put in the dishwasher afterwards as well as being microwave safe.

So, if you are part of a family who loves to cook chicken and similar meats on a regular basis, this stoneware chicken roaster will provide not only a perfectly functional cookware accessory but also a light-hearted, amusing and attractive decorative cooking item that family, friends and guests alike can enjoy. When not in use it will look nice on the windowsill or on a shelf.

You can buy this roaster from the following location: Stoneware Chicken Roaster.

Price: $94.99