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This Samurai statue portraying a warrior in a brave and stoic stance is a great decorative accessory possibility for a home office or living room table top. Made from iron-cast resin, the sculpture is bold, detailed and expressive in the characteristics it embodies. Immediately, upon seeing the statue, one is left in no doubt as to the subject matter, the cultural significance, and the intended actions the noble warrior might perform if he were real.

The Samurai were a military nobility class of pre-industrial Japan. Their belief that the way of the warrior was the most honourable course forged their path and destiny, and indeed that of Japan as a whole. Nowadays, the classical Samurai is iconic and famous across the world. Numerous movies (my personal favourite being “Shichinin no Samurai” made in 1954) and art works have portrayed a romanticised image of the noble warriors and their ethical code (Bushido) together with their weaponry (most notably the sword) and body armour.

The beginnings of the Samurai can be found in early poems from the 10th Century. The end of the Samurai class came to a final conclusion upon the drafting of new laws soon after World War 2. Even though the Samurai way of life is now extinct, the intense interest in the history, culture and artefacts related to this old warrior class has not diminished. In the Western World especially, decorative objects, sculptures and art works portraying the Samurai way of life are very popular. This stoic looking Japanese Samurai who is holding two swords, perhaps readying himself for combat, is perfect for someone with a fascination for this era in Japanese history. It will look great on a table, shelf or cabinet from where it will produce an eye-catching effect when friends and guests enter the room.

You can buy this sculpture from here: Stoic Japanese Samurai Statue.

Height: 12 inches.