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As all husbands know, the woman rules the roost. Hollywood actor Dustin Hoffman once said, the secret to a good marriage is for the man to be “scared shitless” of his wife. I’m sure many readers of both genders are nodding their head in a approval or recognition upon reading this.

Ladies! You can now have a further weapon in your arsenal. Although please don’t throw it at your husband for this stiletto doorstop has pointy bits and is rather heavy. You can however use it to prop open the kitchen door (did I hear a sigh?), a bedroom door or even use it purely as decorative item. If you place it next to the television, it will serve as a neat reminder of who should be in charge of the remote control.

high-heel-stiletto-door-stop-shoeThe stiletto doorstop has received some roaring reviews and for the absurdly low price of $15 is a perfect gift for anyone with a funky sense of humor. You can read the enthusiastic reviews and browse through the purchasing information here: Stiletto Doorstop