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Young children love to explore their creative sides from a very early age. What better way to encourage their enthusiasm than with this art activity desk by Step2. The desk features a large desktop surface on which to place large coloring books and sheets of paper used for sketching, doodles and painting masterpieces. Storage space is also included within the desk and there are compartments for pens, paints, books, pads, and a whole lot more. There’s also an in-built lamp!

Kids are enthusiastic painters and drawers. This can often lead to a room quickly become overwhelmed with painting equipment and art materials. Traditional easels can help focus the child’s attention to one spot but they don’t usually feature an all-in-one storage and desktop space parents would ideally like to see, nor do they come with a stool. This Step2 Art Master Activity Desk comes with them all and will be a comfortable, exciting and visually stimulating place on which to play and create.

The deep molded-in storage compartments are easily accessible and shelving allows for your little Monet or Picasso to reach his pens or paints without any bother. The compact size of the desk means it can be situated in just about any room in the home depending on where your child(ren) like to be. Such interior possibilities include the kid’s bedroom, a playroom, the kitchen or even in the rear part of the main living room, which incidentally is where my art easel was placed when I was a budding Interior Designer, just out of diapers. The desk is easy to wipe clean and is very sturdy so will take a lot of enthusiastic battering that kids tend to wreak upon their play furniture.

You can buy it from here: Step2 Art Master Activity Desk.

It’s proved highly popular with kids as previous buyer’s reviews can confirm.