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I’ve rarely come across other people who are as fond of a good cup of tea as I am. That’s why this steep tea stick gadget caught my eye and is an item that should be seen as indispensable to all tea drinkers across the nation. It’s important for tea leaves to be given time to release their taste into the hot water and this tea stick provides an ideal tool with which to strain and extract the flavours associated with our favourite beverage.

The highly contemporary looking steep tea stick is made from stainless steel and plastic parts which form together to make a simple yet rather elegant design ideal for the preparation of drinking tea. Tea leaves are placed within the gadget, which is then placed inside a cup and combined with boiling water. Left to steep for a few minutes, the tea stick will allow the leaves enough room to move and thus increase the extraction of the tea’s flavour.

The spring-loaded gadget will add character and functionality to the tea-making area of a kitchen as well as to wherever tea is served. As previous buyers have remarked, the stick becomes a talking point in itself amongst family, friends and guests and is sure to be a much desired accessory for anyone who loves drinking tea of whatever kind.

You can buy this tea-making tool from here: Steep Tea Stick.

Price: $22