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It’s always nice when preparing a meal to have all the ingredients including herbs and spices in one place. I’m rather a poor cook and often I end up in a rush of confusion to get everything in place and correct. Therefore it’s of particular importance for people like me, who love good food and are willing to have a go, for there to be some kind of order in the kitchen. However, even for seasoned cooks (terrible pun, I know), the steel magnetic spice rack as seen below will be incredibly helpful.

steel-magnetic-spice-rack-12Man’s use of spices in meals has a very long history going as far back as 50,000 B.C. The bible is full of references including the biblical poem Song of Solomon in which a man compares his beloved to various wonderful spices. The ancient Indian epic of Ramayana is also full of references to such spices as cloves.

Spice racks themselves also have a long history with the first recorded rack dating from 1,000 B.C. The steel magnetic spice rack with 12 click in place containers as shown here is of course a highly modern development but one that has evolved through hundreds of years of design and technological innovation. The quality of the click-in-place magnetic jars is testament to this fact.

What I particularly like about this magnetic spice rack is the orderly design which sees the 12 spice jars arranged in rows for ease of use and reference. Each of the jars has a glass lid which both helps in identification and also lends itself to a visually pleasing kitchen decorative accessory. The rack not only functions well but looks great too.

For people who love to cook or for those who at least try, like myself, this stainless steel magnetic spice rack is a great addition to the home kitchen interior. Pop it up on the wall near your food preparation area and you can simply take down one of the spice jars when needed. Each jar can be used in two ways; twisted with a sprinkle effect or the lid removed completely.

You can buy this rather delightful kitchen accessory from the following location: Magnetic Spice Rack with 12 Jars

Price at the time of writing: $98