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The staircase and slide you see in the picture below is from the modern home of London architect Alex Michaelis. He is the father of three young children and designed the interior of the family home with the kid’s zest for life in the forefront of his creative mind. The white Corian slide is therefore a perfect accompaniment to “boring” adult stairs.

modern-staircase-with-slideInteresting, the family home which is situated in Notting Hill, has been dug 22 feet into the ground and rises no higher than 6 feet above ground level. This is due to the local council imposing a rule that any building in the then derelict piece of land could not rise above a certain height. Whether Michaelis knew of this caveat when he spent £750,000 on the plot is unknown. However, by putting his architectural skills into motion, he was able to come up with a solution and built a stylish home that family and friends enjoy, particularly children.

You can read more about Alex Michaelis and his stylish home in this Telegraph article from 2005.

If you were wondering what to do with your extra wide staircase then you might consider adding a slide like this one. Whether you have children or not, there are bound to be family members and guests who will enjoy sliding down your staircase. I wish I had one just so I could slide my cat down it.

A word of warning, don’t fit a slide instead of a stair lift for your granny. She won’t take too kindly to being hauled up and dropped down this type of staircase slide.

H/T: Designer Friend