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The stabbed man knife holder seen in the image below has gained quite a reputation since its creation. Most people see it as an eye-catching and humorous stainless steel knife set with a unique holder whilst others have complained it encourages violence and thoughts of depravity. Still others have claimed it has a therapeutic effect and those are probably the minority that the complainers are worried about. However the stabbed man knife holder with a set of 5 knives is harmless and just a bit of fun.

Whether one sees the stabbed man knife holder as a portrayal of a frustrated housewife or some kind of voodoo knife holder, the decorative kitchen accessory definitely provides a humorous talking point. Each of the 5 knives is made with heavy-gauge durable stainless steel and have been crafted to offer razor-sharp precision cutting. The 5 knives which make up the stabbed man knife holder set are each slightly different to one another and thus, as a whole, able to perform a variety of duties.

Individual protective knife sleeves are in-built into the stabbed man knife holder which means when the knives are in storage, they will be in a protected environment which will keep both the knives and anyone wandering by, safe and secure. Whether you’re married, co-habiting or single, this humorous voodoo-style knife man will garner a smile every time you and guests enter the kitchen. The one in the picture is in white but the stabbed man knife holder can also be found in chrome, red and black.

If you know of someone who is short of knives and possibly having problems with their partner, then this stabbed man knife holder with stainless-steel knives will make a great gift idea.

You can read more about this funny kitchen accessory as well as view purchasing details here: The Ex 5-Piece Stainless-Steel Knife Set with Unique Holder.

Price: $69.95